Specialised in the Earth observation image processing applied to the 2D/3D digital cartography, SPACEYES handles the software “SpacEyes 3D?which is a tool of real time fly through and 3D modelling. This tool is dedicated to anyone who wishes to communicate, explain, inform or present any problematic dealing with the management or the enhancement of a territory.

SpacEyes3D easily integrates all your territorial data (images, GIS data & CAO-DAO) in a three-dimensional model. It offers the conception and the animation of a landscape and the illustration of a specific problematic. 

The line of SpacEyes products is the following one: 

SpacEyes3D Builder - to create 3D model 
SpacEyes3D Viewer - to present and interrogate 3D projects
SpacEyes3D Server - to publish 3D projects on the Internet 


  • Superimposed of shapefiles on slopes 
  • Urban planning
  • Swipe function of orthophoto and topographic map
  • Establishment of wind turbine


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