EnsoMOSAIC is an aerial digital imaging and image processing system which produces high-resolution, geo-referenced multi-spectral image mosaics that cover large land areas. 

This image processing software is available to ortho-rectify your existing aerial imagery and imagery taken with any imaging system with a frame camera. The software has a complete set of functions for aerial image processing integrated into one package. 

EnsoMOSAIC is provided also as a complete turnkey system for aerial imaging. EnsoMOSAIC stereo mapping contains all the above, and additionally software and hardware for stereoscopic mapping and 3D data extraction. All the tools are there, except an aircraft. 

EnsoMOSAIC photogrammetric software has a complete set of functions for aerial image processing integrated in one package: 

  • Image orientation
  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Generation of surface model 
  • Calculation of oriented and orthoimages 
  • Image mosaicking
  • Colour balancing 


EnsoMOSAIC is fully automatic and all above functions can be run within few hours after the survey. Project completion does not require highly-trained personnel. 

EnsoMOSAIC image processing software is used to 

  • rectify digital images taken with any frame camera, including large format photogrammetric cameras 
  • rectify scanned aerial photos taken with a metric film camera 
    create elevation models from stereo images 


EnsoMOSAIC UAV software reads aerial images taken with compact cameras carried on-board Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV), and processes them into seamless image mosaics. 

As input EnsoMOSAIC UAV requires: 

  • Images, in any common format
  • GPS coordinates, from flight log of any autopilot model
  • Camera parameters, estimated or calculated with CalCam 

In addition, these can be used in the process, but are not required: 

  • Initial image orientation, i.e. Roll-Pitch-Yaw or Omega-Phi-Kappa, to decrease processing time
  • Ground control points, to improve accuracy


EnsoMOSAIC UAV processes automatically the images into orthorectified image mosaics, which have map coordinates and are thus GIS-ready and viewable immediately e.g. in Google Earth. 

EnsoMOSAIC applies photogrammetric principles, in contrary to image stitching which is commonly used for UAV images. Stitched images are often visually pleasing but contain distortions, i.e. are not suitable for area or distance measurements. EnsoMOSAIC does not stitch but rectifies images into orthomosaics, which are free of distortion also in areas with elevation variations. This is possible because EnsoMOSAIC calculates an elevation model within the rectification process. Orthorectification creates very high accuracy orthophotos and orthomosaics, which can be used in the most demanding topographic mapping projects. 

EnsoMOSAIC UAV contains the same and full functionality as do the other EnsoMOSAIC licenses. Software is already applied and is fully compatible with all kind of UAVs: drones, helicopters and fixed-wing models.



EnsoMOSAIC - orthorectified mosaic

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