The CropCam is a revolutionary mini agriculture plane that will change the way you manage your crops, fields or any part of your agricultural operation, by providing high resolution GPS based digital images for precision agriculture. Hand launched, the CropCam includes a miniature autopilot, camera, GPS and software to provide images on demand. 

The CropCam is a radio controlled model glider plane equipped with a Trimble GPS, a miniature autopilot and Pentax digital camera. Hand launched and automatic from take off to landing, the CropCam provides high resolution GPS based images on demand. 

Simply stand at one corner of your field and hand launch the 6 pound CropCam plane. The powerful miniature autopilot and Trimble GPS, does the rest navigating in a pattern over the field. Both the CropCam and the camera perform automatically to take 

GPS based digital imagery. After the flight the CropCam will land in the spot you started from.

For further analysis, you can choose and zoom in on each image separately. Each individual image is GPS based with latitude, longitude and altitude. Finally, the CropCam Image Software allows you to export images in TIFF format with associated World files (.tfw) for use with other Geo reference software.



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